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As the technology is advancing, web surfers are going for more specific searches to get search results that are relevant in a particular situation. This has resulted in search engine increasingly showing local search results. Since Local search results are the future, we do:

  • Make your physical address visible.
  • Create business page for Google My Business
  • Embrace local contents in the website and in promotional works.

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To help brands thrive in the digital age, Weblogicks offers a broad range of search engine optimization services that include strategies that are focused on boosting your visitor engagement and targeted traffic.


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seo company usa

SEO-promotion sites in the US: what is it?

Sooner or later, any India SEO company is thinking about engaging in the promotion of sites in the US. Someone wants to "break into" this market on their own, someone has to learn new knowledge on the instructions of clients entering the international level. In any case, it is necessary to understand that the technologies for promoting websites in America are different from India ones.

Promotion of sites in the USA: main theses

Search engines - Untwist sites have not only in the global search engine Google and the Bing, but also within the popular services, for example, Amazon and YouTube. This means that during the internal website optimization will have to consider a much more nuanced and diverse requirement.

Focus on content - When promoting American sites, great attention must be given to the quality of content. The fact is that the links here almost do not buy, but try to get them in a natural way. In addition, in the US market SEO actively work with virus and content marketing, develop chains of selling letters, collaborate with bloggers, etc.

Active work with social networks. For ranking in Google, you need to consider how the content of the site is diverging on social networks. Therefore, for quality promotion in the United States, it is very important that visitors can easily share the information found.

The fundamental differences between SEO promotion in the US

The first difference is that different methods of promotion are used for different niches of business. Usually two niches are distinguished:

"White" - this includes untwisted legal companies, for the promotion of websites which can use the full range of technologies, starting with contextual advertising;

"Gray" - business, so to speak "on the verge of" (adult websites, gambling, etc.), for the promotion of which will have to confine itself to SEO.

The second difference is very high competition. On the US SEO market, it is almost impossible to break into the top for high-frequency queries, it is much easier to promote the site on a large number of low-frequency ones. In addition, because of the high competition contextual advertising is very expensive pleasure. The cost per click in Google Adwords can be much higher than in Google.Direct. So if you decide to promote the site in the US this way, you need to carefully monitor the advertising campaigns, so as not to lose money for nothing.

The third difference is the need for a maximum natural reference profile. In other words - no reference exchanges. You will get value from SEO only if you link to the site from blogs, articles, user comments, etc. Also important are links from social networks. At the same time, the growth of the reference mass should be smooth, and any outbursts can cause "suspicion" from the search engine.

The fourth difference is the importance of regional promotion. If it is necessary to promote a site aimed at residents, for example, of one state, then it should be borne in mind that for geo-dependent queries, the first positions in the issuance will always be given to the so-called local listings of companies. That is, the remaining "clean" SEO sites on the first page are only 7 or 6 out of 10. To get to local listings, you need to register the site in Google Places and take into account all the rules of this service.

Is it worthwhile for India SEO companies to enter the American market?

Definitely worth it More and more domestic companies of different profiles are looking for ways to enter the overseas market, and they will necessarily need Internet promotion services. The prices of such services in the United States on average are $ 35,000-40,000 per month, and the deadline for the withdrawal of competitive requests is about a year. Obviously, cooperation with domestic specialists in the field of SEO is a more profitable and effective solution for companies expanding their field of activity beyond the India Federation, in view of the more cost-effective services and the high speed of work execution.

Thus, the above factors and high qualification of employees will allow India SEO companies to conduct successful activities in the US market.

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