To make your business stand out from the crowd of competitors, we at Weblogicks design highly-engaging and captivating logo designs for corporate businesses, blogs and organizations. As a full service logo designing company, we provide the following:

  • Suggest Naming for national and international companies, services and products
  • Develop logos that complement your brand strategy precisely and precisely.
  • Propagate your brand story visually with compelling designs.
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Search Engine Optimization

Get Found!

Be there, or Be missed! SEO creates online visibility, leading more potential users to your site, generating quality traffic.

Weblogicks employs a dedicated team with maximum SEO in mind to drive quality traffic to - and organically rank - your site.


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Being seen is the result of good Internet Marketing and SEO practices. Increased visibility implies more traffic visits your website which results in more potential clients, leading to higher revenue!


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Search Engine Optimization is a set of actions and coding practices that follow the major search engine guidelines so your site is indexed correctly and scores a high organic ranking. Read More: Google Web Developer Guidelines

Business Intelligence Services USA
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The right Pay-Per-Click Marketing and Management provides an increase in qualified traffic to your site and higher conversion rates. More

    • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ManagementGoogle Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, Social Media
      Business Intelligence Services USA Business Intelligence Services USA Business Intelligence Services USA
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Google Shopping / Amazon / Ebay Stores
    • Video Marketing
    • Viral Marketing
    • Google Places Listings

Our Full-Cycle Digital Marketing Services

We believe that successfully promoting a business online is possible only with a comprehensive approach, and nothing else. Specialized in complex Internet marketing, we provide services including creation of sites, their optimization, promotion in search engines and development of web design.

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Drive Traffic

Explore, deploy and activate the right marketing tools and strategies to help your business drive web traffic across platforms and achieved significant successes.More

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Brand Promotion

Professionals at our concern are engaged in complex promotion of websites right from its inception by using integrated approaches based only on white hat promotion methods.More

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We have a unique ability to help businesses attract new customers & develop better strategies to maximize your existing relationships.More

Business Intelligence Services USA


By manipulating cutting-edge analytics tools, we will predict who will most likely respond to your campaigns in the most appropriate way.More

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Business Intelligence Services - Data Analysis

Since 2016, WebLogicks has been creating IT solutions for banks, telecoms, retail and service companies. Since 2016 we have been working with large data: developing comprehensive systems for analyzing customer needs, competitor actions and risk management.

Our solutions help companies gain customer confidence and anticipate their desires and produce new products and services.


# 1 in India according to clients' reviews in the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals

  • Geo information services and analysis of the
  • objects of the urban infrastructure
  • Ranking for the development of geolocation
  • Competitor analysis systems
  • Scoring Systems



  • Python: SciPy, Sympy,
  • Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, scikit-learn


  • Classification, Regression,
  • Clustering, Dimensionality reduction, Model selection, Preprocessing
  • Classification, Regression,
  • Clustering, Dimensionality reduction, Model selection, Preprocessing


  • MS Power BI, MSSQL, Axure
  • Reporting Service

Our Projects

  • Intelligent
  • apartment selection system

She chooses apartments taking into account the places of work and study of family members. The system analyzes travel time, traffic jams and public transport. In addition, we displayed on the map the infrastructure in walking distance: shops, ATMs, parking lots, schools, services.

The system helps the realtor company to retain customers and quickly close deals. We automated the system of collecting information about the houses - the data automatically fall into the CRM, and the realtor spends time on customers, and not on paper work.

Real Estate Valuation System

The system predicts the cost of apartments and the timing of their sale. The algorithm analyzes the average cost of an apartment in the market and shows it to the user. He can choose the recommended value or assign his own - then the system calculates a new forecasted period of sale. The higher the price, the longer the sale.We have implemented the system in the real estate portal. During its use, the outflow of portal users decreased. The accuracy of the predictions of the system is 4%.

The system of the analysis of activity of competitors of a food network

The system analyzes stocks, discounts and new products from network competitors. Supervisors track the actions of competitors in stores, take pictures and enter data. The system aggregates the data of all stores where products of the network are sold, and generates a report with forecasts of the success of these actions. The company adjusts its own marketing campaigns based on the report data.


Experienced mathematicians and analysts

We select people with mathematical education and teach in the school of data analysis. Our experience is confirmed by the certification of Developing Big Data Solutions, Processing Real-Time Data, Orchestrating Big Data.

Business Thinking

We do not just analyze the finished data, but we come up with ideas for business: how to maximize LTV, measure NPS, find the balance between loyalty and ARPU.

  • Technological expertise for solving complex problems
  • We blend proven and new technologies to get the best result.
  • We help companies become leaders by analyzing data.

Not sure how data about customers and competitors can help your company?

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