UX & UI Design Company

We leverage world's leading open-source platform, WordPress to bring your most daring concepts to life. With a pool of professionals with extensive experience in the platform, we create exclusive design solutions for every business in our client base.

What we do:

  • WordPress-savvy designers at our concern, build priceless, highly functional web designs.
  • We never compromise on performance and usability - Create designs that can run quickly and seamlessly across devices -monitors, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Deploy web designs that look great and deliver incredible user experience across major search engines.

Our Full-Cycle Web Design Services

Being a pioneered web agency, Weblogicks specialized in the production of graphics and web design offers a wide range of services aimed at strengthening your brand's image online.


Consistent View

To create an optimal visual experience for your users across devices, we deliver designs and contents that seamlessly adjust across myriad screen sizes. Read More


Excellent User Experience

We understand that user experience is important for your business! We implement various collaboration tools to deliver excellent user experiences and high usability for your website. Read More


Optimize Conversion

Beautiful designs is where we thrive! With several years of experience in the web design industry, to truly optimize your conversions, we create designs that leave long-lasting impressions. Read More


Search Engine Compliant

To truly grow your business, designers at Weblogicks build designs that are web standards compliant in order to extend your business reach to both desktop and mobile users at all verticals. Read More

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UX & UI design Company

UX & UI design: Leading User Experience & Interface UX/ UI Design Company in Bangalore - India

The website project begins with the design and design of the interface. We are professionally engaged in studying the behavior of the target audience and when developing, we take into account UX / UI features. To make the product comfortable and beautiful, our experienced and talented specialists carry out a full cycle of works on the design and design of its interface.

  • Research And Analysis Of Data On The Target Audience
  • Development Of Information Architecture
  • Development Of Content Strategy
  • Development Of Interfaces
  • Visual Design And Typography
  • Creation Of Interactive Prototypes Of The Product
  • Development Of Guidebooks

Website development

WebLogicks is engaged in the professional development of complex website projects using modern and proven technologies, and also provides services for the maintenance and development of ready-made web systems.

The implementation of retail CRM

RetailCRM is a specialized CRM system developed for us for Internet trading that allows you to process orders from different sources in a single window mode, get comprehensive analytics on business processes and integrate with a variety of services through an open API. WebLogicks carries out a comprehensive implementation of the product.

Implementation of E-commerce Enterprise

The E-commerce corporate portal is a flexibly customizable solution that includes a complete list of tools for organizing the company's work. WebLogicks carries out a comprehensive implementation of the product.

Web Integration

We are working on the integration of web applications with a wide range of systems in the internal and external circuits of the customer, as well as provide technical support at all stages.


We offer configuration, maintenance and remote administration services for servers running Windows operating systems (2003, 2008), Linux, Ubuntu, Gentoo, CentOS, Fedora, etc. We monitor, analyze and prepare projects for high load. We work promptly and accurately.


Testing is the same important step as development, especially when it comes to a large project, where the amount of code is estimated in hundreds of thousands of lines. It is important to check not only the functionality of the new functionality, but also when implementing it, do not break the existing one. With a well-established process of testing, the time and budget of the project is reduced several times, and the update of the systems is controlled and painless. WebLogicks specialists have extensive experience in conducting complex testing of projects using a wide range of techniques and tools and optimizing tests.


Our team provides analytical and consulting services for the current eCommerce or Omni channel project, when launching a new business direction or model. The company has a unique knowledge of the market, which made it possible to implement such a product as retailCRM.