With a careful SEO strategy , search engines can become an extraordinary effective tool to promote your business.

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization and indicates the set of activities designed to improve the visibility of a site's site on search engines and thus to position them well in user search results in relation to certain keywords.

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  • Reach only the really interested customers
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  • Expand and manage your brand reputation
  • Trust your customers and build your community
  • Get concrete and tangible results


MEASUREMENT: Every activity we do is monitored through analytics tools that allow us to provide periodic and detailed reports, optimizing actions to make your campaigns more and more effective.


Considers that: users= customers - every day billions of people use search engines to find information, opinions, and images of products / services that interest them and they want to buy. keywords - to do so, they type certain keywords and only look at the results placed on the first page (or at most among the top 10 results). If they do not find what they are looking for, they will do a new search with new keywords. your positioning - if your site is positioned between those 10 search results for keywords for your products / services, it will be taken into account as the answer to their need. This will help you increase your site visits and find new potential customers for your business. Here's what SEO is for . To make the most of your online search, which is now a decisive step in the user's buying process. Weblogicks can get you a good search engine rankings , studying an ad hoc SEO strategy for your business and your web marketing goals.

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Let's start by defining the most effective keywords for your business. Taking into account your target, content of your interest, and your merchandise sector, we'll write a reasoned list of keywords. This list will be the indispensable guide on which to structure the entire SEO activity in a single and consistent web marketing optic. We will then continue with the planning and implementation of the activities required for the correct indexing and the best web site placement (or landing page) for the keywords you have identified. site optimization - production and insertion of metadata (title, description, keyword, h1, h2 and other xhtml tags) seo copywriting - Creating ad hoc content to increase site density keywords. link popularity - creating inbound links from selected sites content management - site site update management (eg blog or news section) We will help you speak the same language of your potential customers and find out the keys to bring them to your site.

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Why Hire Our SEO Experts?

  • Provide optimal user-experience for your mobile app users.
  • Implement regular updates on a monthly basis.
  • Maintain your web ranking.
  • Ultimate focus on visuals- Build easy-to-use interface.
  • Promote your App (SEO, PPC, email marketing and other cross-channel).

With the right SEO strategy , reiterated over time, Weblogicks can place your site in the first search engine results for particular strategic keywords, increase visits, generate traffic by targeted and motivated targeting to establish a real contact with your company (ask for information, buy a product, subscribe to a newsletter etc ...)

Why it's Time to Think SEO? and What is SEO?

The SEO acronym stands for 'Search Engine Optimization', which the set of techniques and strategies that allow a website to be found by users on search engines, that is when they are looking for information about certain content, products or services.

Earlier in the Internet, there when only a few sites in total (actually a few million, compared to the 20 billion, estimated at the present) - there were also search engines that, although not sophisticated, were very fond of the web content and constituted a starting point for web sites. Always at that time, specialists realized the need for conscious control in the process of increasing visibility in search engines, and this fact has given rise to SEO - search engine optimization, for the purpose to increase the qualitative traffic of a site.

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How Search Engine Optimization helps build brand reputation?

Having understood the underlying concepts of SEO, I would like to introduce to you about another advantage of embracing SEO for your business. Being positioned on the top positions in the search engine results page and also appealing the search engines for your business keywords, will also strengthen your brand reputation. Progressing in the search engine results page creates a great impact on your website's visits and contacts. A website with the right titles and captivating descriptions can attract clicks from less important locations.

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SEO Services for Brand Visibility:
  • Local SEO
  • Global SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Business SEO
  • Service SEO

Therefore SEO is a fundamental marketing tool that lets marketers intercept users interest in a given topic / product / service and probably attract them to their website, at the moment they expose this need through a search engine.

Right from the inception, Weblogicks, a reputed freelancing seo agency has been working tirelessly to provide visibility for distinct projects. The ultimate purpose of optimizing your site for SEO will be the same throughout the project lifecycle - improve the visitor experience and reaching your potential audience properly.

How Search Engine Optimization Promotes Business Growth?
  • Increase visibility, reliability and credibility to your brand over time
  • Conduct good traffic to your content and products you offer
  • Increase sales from both new and existing customers, both online and offline
  • Convince the skeptics of the quality of your products / services
  • Build a stronger inbound link for your business
  • Improve the impact of content and social media while cutting down cost.
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Seo Company

Basically there are two different categories of SEO available -

  • 1. On-Page Optimization
  • 2. Off-Page Optimization

On-Page optimization involves how well you present the inside elements of your site to the search engines. It is important to search engines because it helps you index your website and it also provides them with a site map of your website. It includes techniques that structure your web pages in a manner that it gets found for certain specific keywords and phrases.

Key Elements of On-Page optimization:

  • Quality Content
  • Website Coding
  • Keywords
  • Meta Tags
  • H1 Tag
  • Title Tag
  • Image Tag

Off-Page optimization refers to strategies implemented to build relationships with other sites. This process is usually referred to as Link Building. This strategy has a significant impact on your ability to scale the search engine results.

Key Elements of Off-Page optimization:

  • Social Media Presence
  • Experiment with Content
  • Forums and Discussion boards
  • Build ties with relevant sites
  • Articles and Blog submission
  • Bookmarking

This relatively new industry implies a set of actions by the promotion team in terms of increasing site positions in the search results list, for certain words or key expressions, interesting and relevant from the point of view of the respective deal.

What are the Types of SEO?

Depending on the morality level of the techniques implemented, SEO can be categorized into:

White Hat SEO - The term White hat SEO implies strategies and techniques that match to the policies suggested by the search engines. The techniques adopted are aimed to provide a positive experience for visitors but not directly boosting the growth of site positions in search engine results page.

Black Hat SEO - The purpose of this technique is to manipulate the perception of search engines with regard to the quality, relevance and importance of the site. For instance, concealment of words behind images, excessive use of keywords in the titles and content of the pages, presentation of a different content to human visitors and robots over-optimization of the text, purchase of links or social interactions and adding a larger number of null pages.

Why do I Need Optimization and SEO Positioning for my Business? Once you have launched a website, you're not done. Everyday millions of sites are up, so simply crafting and hosting one isn't sufficient to withstand such a tough scenario. Many marketers have got a site to realize that their investment did not generate any returns and simply attracted visits only by their regular customers. Being on the Internet and not being found is an unnecessary waste of funds for website creation.

The decisive factor in your success is that you can effectively reach out to people who are looking for your product and buy it right with you. For a successful launch and further ebusiness, you should embrace at least the basics of SEO.

Thousands of online marketers have found it effective - it has garnered them 98% profitable leads and proper enquiries

SEO = Visibility

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important because search engines are the best source of targeted traffic. The basic tool for searchability of a web site in search engines is so-called SEO (search engine optimization - "Search Engine Optimization "). This will allow future prospective customers to find your website easier.

There are a lot of options to do on the internet marketing and advertising for websites, so here are a few options that can be used: PPC advertising, banner advertising, Facebook and other social networking, e -mail marketing, YouTube videos and more. You can also get referrals from customers to increase your business conversion and also employ Google AdWords to get targeted traffic for your business.

How to Attract my Target Audience?

Everyday a lot of people visit internet, so how do I attract my potential audience? Of course the answer is Quality Content - Content is the King! In addition to producing quality content, you should ensure that you are optimizing every post for SEO - keywords play a crucial role in helping your business being found by your target audience. So if they don't find the desired results they will automatically rephrase their search text.

How your Keywords will get indexed in Search Engines?

As an online marketer, you must be well aware about keywords (short tail and long tail).

Like title, summary or content, keywords are yet another field.

But do you know how your keywords get indexed by Google?

Wait let me explain!

If the visitor's search term appears in your keyword field, then that specific article of your website will score a certain points. So it is that article that has earned the highest number of points across all indexed fields will appear on the top in SERP's.