Grabbing the attention of visitors has always been a daunting task. So digital experts at Weblogicks, don't just optimize your website but also aim to position your products & services to better positions in the search results of the different search engines. What we do in Search Engine Marketing:

  • Set up tools, campaigns, accounts, ad groups and ad texts.
  • Keyword and traffic analysis.
  • Testing and optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

Get Found!

Be there, or Be missed! SEO creates online visibility, leading more potential users to your site, generating quality traffic.

Weblogicks employs a dedicated team with maximum SEO in mind to drive quality traffic to - and organically rank - your site.



Being seen is the result of good Internet Marketing and SEO practices. Increased visibility implies more traffic visits your website which results in more potential clients, leading to higher revenue!



Search Engine Optimization is a set of actions and coding practices that follow the major search engine guidelines so your site is indexed correctly and scores a high organic ranking. Read More: Google Web Developer Guidelines

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The right Pay-Per-Click Marketing and Management provides an increase in qualified traffic to your site and higher conversion rates. More

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    • Social Media Marketing
    • Google Shopping / Amazon / Ebay Stores
    • Video Marketing
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Our Full-Cycle Digital Marketing Services

We believe that successfully promoting a business online is possible only with a comprehensive approach, and nothing else. Specialized in complex Internet marketing, we provide services including creation of sites, their optimization, promotion in search engines and development of web design.


Drive Traffic

Explore, deploy and activate the right marketing tools and strategies to help your business drive web traffic across platforms and achieved significant successes.More


Brand Promotion

Professionals at our concern are engaged in complex promotion of websites right from its inception by using integrated approaches based only on white hat promotion methods.More



We have a unique ability to help businesses attract new customers & develop better strategies to maximize your existing relationships.More



By manipulating cutting-edge analytics tools, we will predict who will most likely respond to your campaigns in the most appropriate way.More

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TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THE POWER OF ADWORDS: Provide daily management and optimization to maximize your ROI.

Since 2016, Weblogicks has been supporting advertisers - from startups to larger companies - to optimize their Google AdWords & Bing Ads campaigns. We analyze beforehand the competition and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) dynamics of your sector of activity. The study of the structure of your website and its taxonomy is also essential to the implementation of strategies adapted to your needs, products and services.


The structure of the AdWords account is the fundamental element to ensure a perfect control of the campaigns. The account must reflect the web site tree and detail all products / services in separate ad groups. A successful structure also ensures a perfect consistency between the query typed by the user and the ad that will be broadcast ensuring a high QS and lower CPCs


Potential customers search for your business from computers, tablets and smartphones, and easily switch between devices. You must respond at all times, no matter where they are. Contextual elements, such as the user's location, the time of day, and the device used, now have a role to play: providing you with new opportunities to reach your audience with more relevant messages and associate them with differentiated auctions.


Our RTC Application Programming Interface (API) enables real-time management of AdWords campaigns related to your product catalog: automatic stop of ad groups based on inventory, dynamic creation of campaigns for new products, automatic update of price in ads, etc.


Weblogicks guides you through the installation of Google Analytics regardless of your configuration and selects indicators relevant to your business. The success of a campaign depends heavily on the ability to measure and interpret the results. The time spent on analysis and optimization is therefore fundamental. Limiting the number of accounts per consultant can meet the objectives set together. He will be your single point of contact. Each consultant sends you a personalized weekly report and an analysis of the actions carried out so that you can evaluate the impact of your advertising investments. You also have real-time access to the performance of your campaigns.


The fine-grained analysis of all search terms enriches the semantic field of AdWords campaigns via the long tail. These highly accurate and qualified keywords have a higher conversion rate. They correspond to requests that are part of a more advanced purchase / registration process of the user than the generic keywords. In addition, the precision gained through this long tail makes it possible to adjust the bids (CPC Max) much more accurately according to the ROI of a given keyword.


Weblogicks supports you in optimizing your Google Merchant Center feed. It allows you to submit your entire product catalog so they are visible in Google Shopping results. AdWords campaigns associated with Google Merchant Center accounts have richer and more specific product information in their creatives. Photos, prices, etc. products appear directly on Google in addition to the classic AdWords ad. Google Shopping campaigns consistently account for more than 50% of an e-merchant's spend, so they must be optimized with the utmost attention and expertise.


Weblogicks supports your internationalization strategy by implementing AdWords campaigns in more than 100 countries and in 20 languages around the world. Campaigns and translations are carried out by SEM internal and native consultants from the countries concerned.


The Real Time Keyword service is an exclusive Weblogicks. This new service allows you to add real-time keywords to your campaigns based on your news, such as when you watch TV on your brand, a competitor, and so on. This can reach thousands of users in a few minutes at a lower cost.


TV-SEA synchronization is to trigger an action on AdWords campaigns when a TV commercial is broadcast. The tool analyzes all the channels in real time, in search of previously defined spots (yours or those of your competitors) and communicates the information to the marketing platform, the Adwords API within the framework of the SEM. Thanks to scripts, the campaign manager can then create all possible scenarios such as:

Enable / disable campaigns
Increase bids
Change your ad


Weblogicks places a premium on improving the Account's Quality Score (QS) to improve the profitability of AdWords campaigns. Thus, it is possible to be positioned above a competitor while having a lower real CPC.


Ad quality is a critical factor in the success of your Google AdWords campaigns. At Weblogicks, specialized editors are in charge of writing and translating your ads to ensure you the best possible visibility on Google.


Extended Text Ads (ETAs) allow you to display ads with maximized content and up to 50% higher than standard ads in terms of space. In 2017, this is the default ad format offered by the AdWords interface. Whitelisted by Google 6 months before the others, the certified agency Weblogicks is totally seasoned with the use of this format of advertisements. Weblogicks systematically exploits 100% of the potential of ETAs: generalization of double titles, expanded descriptions, modification of the format of the display URL for better control of the communication of all advertisers.


Weblogicks customizes your ads according to the context. 2 weapons to do this: Ad Customizers: This ad function allows us to use a data feed to dynamically insert custom elements, a keyword or a countdown to action at the heart of ad. IF function: It allows to insert a message adapted to a specific audience and on a specific type of apparatus, without flow required. Your ETA ad will be personalized for each search and thus more relevant to your potential prospects.


DSA campaigns do not use keywords. They are distributed according to the content of your site. Post-analysis of search terms and conversion statistics enriches the list of keywords in traditional campaigns. It's a safety net that allows you to discover new opportunities.


Embed your customer reviews on your Google AdWords ads. Weblogicks supports you in setting up your customer reviews to boost your sales and increase your visibility on Google, thanks to the stars on the ads. 71% of online shoppers read customer ratings, 77% of them are influenced by these ratings. Maximize the ROI of your AdWords campaigns by increasing CTR (clickthrough rate) and Quality Score. Increase the number of satisfied customers and recommendations to new customers.


Displayed under the main ad, ad extensions are a major strategic challenge for AES. They maximize the advertising space occupied on the search results page, they complement your offer and they optimize the quality of the information displayed. Their presence influences the calculation of Google's QoS and allows you a higher display frequency and a better ranking. Define the most suitable extensions for your business with your Weblogicks advisor: extension of sitelinks, location, call, notices, site extracts, prices, etc.