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To drive online traffic and reach your targeted customers, we at Weblogicks embrace Google AdWords, a powerful online advertising program. To make your campaign successful, as a Google certified AdWords company, we do:

  • Inspect and manage your PPC campaigns and also regularly provide monthly reports detailing various aspects.
  • Improve your PPC results by keeping your objectives in mind.
  • Augment your ROI.

Search Engine Optimization

Get Found!

Be there, or Be missed! SEO creates online visibility, leading more potential users to your site, generating quality traffic.

Weblogicks employs a dedicated team with maximum SEO in mind to drive quality traffic to - and organically rank - your site.



Being seen is the result of good Internet Marketing and SEO practices. Increased visibility implies more traffic visits your website which results in more potential clients, leading to higher revenue!



Search Engine Optimization is a set of actions and coding practices that follow the major search engine guidelines so your site is indexed correctly and scores a high organic ranking. Read More: Google Web Developer Guidelines

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The right Pay-Per-Click Marketing and Management provides an increase in qualified traffic to your site and higher conversion rates. More

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    • Social Media Marketing
    • Google Shopping / Amazon / Ebay Stores
    • Video Marketing
    • Viral Marketing
    • Google Places Listings

Our Full-Cycle Digital Marketing Services

We believe that successfully promoting a business online is possible only with a comprehensive approach, and nothing else. Specialized in complex Internet marketing, we provide services including creation of sites, their optimization, promotion in search engines and development of web design.


Drive Traffic

Explore, deploy and activate the right marketing tools and strategies to help your business drive web traffic across platforms and achieved significant successes.More


Brand Promotion

Professionals at our concern are engaged in complex promotion of websites right from its inception by using integrated approaches based only on white hat promotion methods.More



We have a unique ability to help businesses attract new customers & develop better strategies to maximize your existing relationships.More



By manipulating cutting-edge analytics tools, we will predict who will most likely respond to your campaigns in the most appropriate way.More

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Unique technical and operational know-how in SEO.

Since 2012, Weblogicks has been supporting advertisers - from startups to larger companies - in managing their campaigns on the five major search engine platforms: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and Linkedin Ads. We take care of creating, monitoring and optimizing your advertising accounts. This allows you to refocus on your core business and relieve your teams of the operational part.

Certified AdWords, Weblogicks agency keeps a step ahead of its competitors! Our direct collaboration with Google leads us to regularly intervene on his behalf during the famous apprenticeship sessions "Google for the Pros". We have priority and privileged access to Google news, the latest news and AdWords betas. As a result, our customers also stay one step ahead!

Essential to master the ROI campaigns and gain productivity, our team has the best SEO optimization and analysis tools on the market: DoubleClick Search, Google Attribution, Data Studio, Optimize Google, ReportGarden, AdCore, etc. They are selected and applied on a case-by-case basis to the accounts according to the real needs of our clients and impartially. We find the right balance between human and automatic management thanks to the semi-automation of low added value tasks.

The Method And Tools Of Weblogicks:

Weblogicks listens to you to understand your business. This is the key to an effective trust relationship. We are the AdWords experts, you are the experts in your field. Together, we are at the end of the optimization logic. At Weblogicks, human analysis is always at the service of our bid management tools.


Weblogicks is the first independent pure player agency SEO. It is distinguished by its unique expertise and expertise in specialized tools. The badge distinguishes agencies that excel at using Google AdWords products: healthy business, satisfied customers and respected Google best practices. All consultants are certified on a personal basis.


The Adwords Audit By Weblogicks Want to increase your ROI and optimize your Search Engine Advertising campaigns? Your professional audit: fast, accurate, complete, confidential and without commitment:

65 checkpoints per campaign

Produced by a specialized and certified Google Partner agency

Study of adapted development strategies

Absolute respect for confidentiality

Proposal for exclusive introduction of new features (access to AdWords betas)

  • 65 checkpoints per campaign
  • Produced by a specialized and certified Google Partner agency
  • Study of adapted development strategies
  • Absolute respect for confidentiality
  • Proposal for exclusive introduction of new features (access to AdWords betas)

Your Google AdWords campaigns are not producing the expected return?

We give you the precise reasons and we offer the right solutions after a complete analysis of your account and your sector of activity. Our priority objectives:

  • Optimize your Return on Investment (ROI / ROAS)
  • Achieve maximum conversion volumes
  • Improve the overall structure and quality of your account including QoS
  • Develop your reputation
  • Eliminate unwanted communication and unnecessary clicks
  • Make the right decisions for the future of your SEO (Search Engine Advertising) campaigns

Request your AdWords by Weblogicks audit and receive our summary keynote as soon as possible. After analysis, we will perform a complete oral debriefing together: the errors made on your account, the potential for development, the areas of improvement and the actions to be taken.


LISTEN TO KNOW YOU BETTER AND UNDERSTAND YOU. The Weblogicks method optimizes human and technological resources.

The human being at the heart of collaboration

It is by combining your knowledge of the market with our expertise that we maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns. We need to understand the way you work, your competitive advantages, your potential weaknesses and know the key people in your business to interact with the right decision makers and together define the best SEM strategy. Exchange is essential, Nobody knows your customers better than you!

A consultant trained in the most powerful tools on the market

Calling on the highly specialized Weblogicks agency Weblogicks means giving yourself all the means to see your advertising campaigns perform. Every day, our expert consultants are there to advise you and make the best strategic decisions to achieve your goals. With Weblogicks, you have the certainty of having a consultant trained in the most powerful tools on the market to support you and boost your e-marketing campaigns.

Innovate and stay ahead of competitors

Google constantly innovates and always offers new solutions to its advertisers, innovative formats, broadening of targeting, new media, etc. Our competitive intelligence and the continuous training of our teams is essential to keep ahead of your competitors and take advantage of the novelty effect during launches.


  • Double click Google
  • Report garden
  • Google keywords planner



MOUNTING THE ADWORDS OR BING ADS ACCOUNT: There is no one-size-fits-all method for improving the performance of an account. For each client, the strategy, the space purchase budget, the optimization techniques and the methods to apply differ according to the sector of activity, the competitive positioning and the objectives of the advertiser.

Account structuring: Structure your account, segment your campaigns and optimize your Quality Score (QS) : each product category must be the subject of specific campaigns to display relevant ads and optimize the Quality Score (QS) of your keywords . Indeed, too often neglected or considered a fatality, the Quality Score is one of the main criteria on which an advertiser must work on Google AdWords.

  • Creating effective ads
  • Creating universal campaigns
  • Targeting the best landing pages
  • Semantic field definition and keyword integration: Weblogicks defines with you the precise framework of your activities before developing the broadest and most effective semantic field for your business. The use of match types is set according to your strategy and budget.
  • Setting up ad groups and extensions


Essential to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns, Weblogicks teams determine with you the key performance indicators to follow. These indicators vary according to your objectives: Volume of traffic, Return On Investment (ROI), Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), CPA (Cost per Acquisition), CPL (Cost per Lead), CPC (Cost per Click) or CPV (Cost by View).


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