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Leverage the power of Instagram marketing to attract your audiences with engaging social campaigns that bring traffic and higher engagement percentage for your business.

  • Load & promote your products & services.
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  • Amplify your presence by sharing alluring content and images.

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Search Engine Optimization is a set of actions and coding practices that follow the major search engine guidelines so your site is indexed correctly and scores a high organic ranking. Read More: Google Web Developer Guidelines

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Promoting the brand in Instagram

800 million users every day go to Instagram, 200 million of them visit business profiles. Among them you will certainly find your target audience.

Promotion and promotion in Instagram allows you to get new customers. This is especially true for furniture manufacturers, decorators, photographers, travelers, clothing stores and restaurants. In this case, the effectiveness is directly related to the ability to present the product visually attractive.

Do you want to try to independently promote in Instagram? SMM-agency WebLogicks shares in the article professional experience in this field and tells what to look for.

Do you want to get all the benefits of promotion in Instagram?

Otherwise create a page in Facebook. Add information about the company. After that download the Instagram, install the application on your smartphone, create a business account. By linking Instagram and Facebook, you can unwind your account using targeted advertising. It is configured and launched through the Ads Manager and Power Editor services.

Account registration in Instagram

Promotion in Instagram using photo posts:

The most important thing for promotion in Instagram is brand recognition. Think of a style that will unite all photo posts and will immediately associate with you. Use high-resolution photos, put geotagging.

Promotion in Instagram through video and broadcasts:

According to the forecast of Syndacast, promotion in Instagram using video gives 74% of traffic. Use it!

Unlike the photo, under the video you can see not only the number of likes, but the number of views. If you compare these indicators, you will be able to assess the effectiveness of the post.

Promotion in the Instagram using stories:

Stories are mini-reports (photos, videos) that are available within 24 hours, and then automatically deleted. Not so long ago it became possible to save them if necessary - for this you need to create partitions from them.

Stories show up in a special block, so they do not have a limit in the shows associated with smart tape. In other words, usual posts will appear in your tape only if the social network decides that they are interesting to you. And the account of all accounts you are subscribed to is always displayed. Therefore, they receive a greater response, and, accordingly, more effective for promotion in Instagram.

How do I promote an account using hashtag?

Hashtags increase audience reach, attract attention (if you come up with a unique hashtag for an event or a company), simplify navigation (if you create separate hashtags for headings), help with marathons and contests. Recently there was an opportunity to subscribe to a hashtag. This allows you to more accurately target ads, as users voluntarily provide information about their own preferences. It is also important to select associative hashtags. This will cover a larger number of potential customers. The recipe for success is simple: you just need to combine the thematic and associative hashtags competently.

How do I promote my account with activities?

Shoutout for shoutout or SFS is a free account promotion tool. How does he work? Declare SFS, lay out the post of a member, in response, he recounts in his Instagram about you.

Sowing advertising - a commercial way to promote an account in Instagram. How does it work? Find accounts with a large number of subscribers and offer to place your advertising posts for money.

Giveaway is a way to promote an account through a prize draw among subscribers in Instagram. How does it work? Announce a lottery of gifts, terms and conditions: for example, to be signed to an account, share a record, put a hashtag and a mention. Thus, thanks to reposts, more people are learning about the company.

Flashmobs and marathons - promotion through the involvement of like-minded people in mass actions. They should be easily executable, interesting for your audience, useful or funny.

Instead of concluding: Promotion in Instagram is a unique opportunity to address an advertising offer to a huge audience - over 100 000 000 people use the service monthly. Use this opportunity to grow your own business!

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